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JP Corporation - Clevis Bolts

The Clevis Bolt at the left started with a blank on the far right and was turned and machined into the finished product with a mill head and bushings installed. This is a typical part made from heat-treated stainless steel, for a Heavy Transportation (Rail) customer.

JP Corporation - Clevis Bolt Raw Blanks

The clevis bolt raw blanks are turned into a prepped blank.

JP Corporation Capabilities

JP Corporation primarily serves the Heavy Transportation, Aerospace, and Automotive industries, although we welcome quotes from all industry types. 

We can accommodate Milling stock up to 2 cubic feet and/or 880 pounds.  We can accommodate Turning stock up to 21.7 inches diameter and/or 44.7 inches long; and Bar Stock up to 4.6 inches diameter.  We can Induction Heat Treat shafts up to 4 inches in diameter and 12 feet long.

We work with Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Tungsten, various Aluminum alloys, various Copper alloys, and all manner of Plastics.

We routinely hold tolerances of plus or minus .0002.  Our 2 newest machines (profiled elsewhere on this site) can actually hold plus or minus .0001.

Three of our newer machines are equipped with Robotic Control, Robotic Inspection, and Redundant Primary Tooling.  These machines can operate literally "Lights-Out", until their material feeds are exhausted.

Our standard inspection procedure is 100% on critical areas, and 10% overall.  We can provide any manner of inspection and accompanying documentation that the client may require.

We are able to create new projects from concept to full production; providing engineering, reverse engineering, print creation, various certifications, any/all required inspection reports, any/all quality documentation, 1st article inspection, PPAP, etc.



  JP Corporation - Indianapolis, Indiana Machine Shop
Vertical machining center equipped with dual pallets for high speed production runs.
JP Corporation - Indianapolis, Indiana Machine Shop
Small high precision vertical machine center for small to medium production runs.
JP Corporation - Indianapolis, Indiana Machine Shop
Row of turning centers equipped with bar feeder and parts catchers.
JP Corporation - Precision Machining - Indianapolis, Indiana
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