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Employment at JP Corporation

JP Corporation is a family-owned-and-operated business, and we treat our employees like family. We hope any and every team member – and/or anyone wanting to be a team member – desires a career; and not just a job.

We want for all our employees to aspire to learn additional skills, become more valuable to us, and earn more money. We offer ongoing training – not only in-house – but at the factory level; as well. These training opportunities are paid for by us; for the mutual benefit of our employees and our company. We also consider ourselves mentors who have a moral responsibility to pass our knowledge on to younger generations.

Please see below what skills and/or positions we are currently seeking. And if you possess a particularly strong or unusual skill in an area we don't offer, by all means submit a resume.

Centerless Grinding "Guru"

We know from our experience in developing an Induction Heat Treating & Flame Hardening division, that there is tremendous value in offering a specialty that has been mostly passed-up by newer technologies. In fact, it becomes quite valuable to be highly-proficient in a process that very few companies offer.

For these reasons, we have purchased 3 well-maintained Cincinnati Centerless Grinders; plus back-up machines for parts. We are seeking an individual with years of experience in this discipline, to help us launch this new division of our company. This position could be full or part time – or start full time and quickly morph to part time. This might be an ideal situation for someone who has retired – but would like something to do a few hours per day – and some additional income. Please apply only if you have direct experience in this discipline.

CNC Set-Up Specialist

We are fortunate to be quite busy, and need an additional machine set-up specialist. We have a sufficient number of competent operators, and some will definitely learn set-up as time progresses. But we need someone right now, who already has direct experience in this. We operate CNC Machining Centers primarily by Mori Seiki, and CNC Turning Centers that are a mix of Mori Seiki and Doosan.

Note we are not seeking an operator – and we are not seeking a programmer to sit at a computer terminal – we are seeking a person who works in the shop and who can completely set-up a machine according to the program – without supervision – and then tweak any necessary parameters at the machine – to produce a successful 1st Article Inspection Part. Please do not waste your time or ours; if you cannot do this.

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